An anthology of image and textual investigation in which the premise of objects and material are denoted through various interpretations of ekphrasis: (descriptions of artworks and or visual material).

Ultimately this project was a failed attempt to incept a cyclical publication edited, designed and published by a singular individual.

Contributors: Viktor Timofeev, Sarah Tripp, Ewan Morrison, Kirsty Logan, Ohad Ben Shimon, Kodwo Eshun, Ben Street, Avigail Moss, Ellie Ga, Peter Holden, Dan Visel, Mick Peter, Owen Hatherley, Steven Connor, Will Ashon and Adam De Neige.

750 copies

Rob Stolk Offset, Amsterdam, NL

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Motto, Berlin, DE

MoMA Library, NYC, US
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL

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