A Language Of Knots


An ongoing pedagogical workshop project, with its premise to explore how pragmatics and poetics interchange, relying on factions of triad learning methodologies via verbal, written and kinesthetic exercises.

Fundamental elements include traditional bookbinding techniques and how the number 8, or the infinity symbol, represents the process of binding sewn signatures together to form a book block. Class visits to airports, train stations, car parks and bus stops supplement in connecting how the role of the ocular, i.e. of the eye, or a round or open like object or design, influences how observable phenomena stimulates the human condition from the perspective of bringing itself (observable phenomena) to being open to us, rather than the opposite.

Outcomes have included posters denoted by a collective list of words representing human sounds that are not founded by either semantic or phonetic denotation, as well as written class observations of singular events (written still-life studies), revealing how no one person will describe the same thing in the same way, while often noticing precisely the same details, or the 'inscripted semiotic contours' of a situation.


In Response.


University for the Creative Arts, UK
Lecturer, Graphic Design, 2014

University of East London, UK
Associate Lecturer, Graphic Design, 2015

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem, NL
Visiting Tutor, Graphic Design, 2016