Under the Sign

' Under the Sign' is an independent typographic research project by Scott Joseph.

Comprising the fundamental aspects of typography as its basis, i.e. the art of composing and arranging language into legible display, ' Under the Sign' utilises urban journeying to collate visual research and object based collections refracted from city life as a form of transmutational system whereby the purpose and function of image and language becomes inverted, bringing into question the nature of classification of medium and format in relation to form and content. ' Under the Sign' also uses reference from mass/social media and online/open source culture; electronic, garage, drum and bass and hip-hop music genres; as well as marginal forms of writing relating to technology, sociology and poetry—as a way to investigate editorial and semiotic formats in an iterative methodology.

In addition, ' Under the Sign' invokes an oppositional tendency towards the almost obsolete nature of visual communication in an age of formula and institutional co-opting of 'design' based processes to other role pooling determinations. Such a mentality produces temperal categories of compositional exercise, and includes microtypographic processes as integral to both the production of and publishing of material.

The projects initial form will be presented via a digital architecture in numeric chronology, resulting in an archived online publication of polyvalent inter-textual and visual experiment.

Previous versions and extracts of ' Under the Sign' have been presented in print, installation and stop motion movie (under other titles) at/in: Marres, Centre for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht, NL (2013); Goethe Institute, Amsterdam, NL (2014); Pakt, Amsterdam, NL (2015); 27th Brno Biennale, Brno, CZ (2016); Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger, NO (2017); IDEA magazine, Tokyo, JP (2017) and AIGA magazine, NYC, US (2018).

N.B. The synopsis of ' Under the Sign' is not fixed and finite and is open to re-description dependent on the subject of chance material (in line to other external commissioned contexts and pedagogical frameworks). * The contents and index section of ' Under the Sign' will expand as material is made available.

' Under the Sign' is supported in 2019 in the Netherlands by the Stimuleringsfonds through its Grant Programme for Design.

The foundational processes within the project will continue via a role as Lecturer in Graphic Design at University of Greenwich, within its Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, as part of its School of Design. Specific broader thematics will be isolated and suffixed into module and course design for classes in Principles of Graphic Design, Editorial and Book Design, and Art Direction. Likewise, extracts of textual meditation and image narrative will be published in print in IDEA magazine (Tokyo, Japan) on an ongoing basis from Autumn/Winter 2019.


No.1: It's Not What You've Got, It's What You Do With What You Have

No.2: As Serious As You Can Get


1. Blawan, What You Do With What You Got — R & S Records, 2011

2. Blackstar, Respiration — Rawkus, 2004