Times Maker


Text contributed to an A1 poster print, folded into the format of an oblong table menu, and produced to accompany 'The Taste of the Brain'*, a project which utilises food as a way to discuss topics subsidiary to graphic design processes.

This iteration of 'The Taste of the Brain' had origins as a community workshop at the 27th Biennale of Graphic Design, in Brno, CZ, whereby participants were invited to mould alternative utensils and kitchenware from clay to complement a prepared lunch.

The text for the poster functions as a description of a fictional space in which all the produced items from the workshop are permanently stored, with their potential secondary function, or uses, given provenance, as well as categorisation and classification.


Edited and designed by:
Ingrid Rousseau

Jungka Book (Jung Lee Type Foundry, KR/NL) Galapagos (Dinamo Typefaces, DE/CH)

Download original text as a PDF.

*Produced in conjunction with:
Hit Gallery, Geneva, CH.