Language Without Place

Images depicting both vernacular and applied examples of typography found within the built environment act as a primary outline to question the purpose of information and its visualisation within economic and socially democratic and capitalist systems, challenging the role of societal meritocracy and class structure, and prompting thought toward non-canonical forms of writing.

'In such short lines are the movement of time, populous and even the weather, in which exist similar, if not exacting traits of occurrence. The same might be said of every segregated anachronistic letter, of every typographic arrangement primarily, but also of the thought and writing of every configuration of every piece of communication, be it typed or written, by every person in the world throughout history.'

'Language Without Place', originally produced for the '27th Brno Biennale' catalogue.

Moravian Gallery
Brno, CZ.

Further Information.

N.B. During 2017 this project was serialised in the graphic arts and typography publication IDEA Magazine as a set of visual and textual meditations on the purpose of images, in relation to a private experience of narrative in public space.