Line Painters
Line Painters
Line Painters
For As Far As I Can See

Line painters apply surface markings to communicate information on roads for pedestrians and drivers. Despite international effort to unify such marks (to negate confusion and uncertainty about their meaning) specifications can change depending on country and region. Non-mechanical line painters mark out a horizontal and vertical grid with rope dipped into a white chalk.

Painted onto the road using a steel jug and a 'painting stick', a tool which has an angled gauzed end-point, is equivalent to a large piece of steel section and functions like the tip of a pen.

The images were produced as an A2 poster as part of a publication entitled 'All We Can Do Is What We Are Actually Doing Already', with accompanying text by Marianna Maruyama. Designed by Laura Pappa.

PAKT, Amsterdam, NL. 2015.
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