Seeing What Is Seen As What Sees Can Not Be Saw

An ongoing photographically founded project which converts itself into an 'abstract stop-motion documentary' by being post-produced and sequenced through a variety of frame rates.

Concerned with the limitation provided by walking, and the role observation plays in understanding how semiotic and syntactic systems indeterminately develop, the process, as well as the facility of its presentation, counter-punctuates how both image and language are rendered almost obsolete in tracking due to information dispersion and technologic renewal.

The cypher image presented here is a rare off shot photograph of famed London Underground blind busker Mark Campbell, who was known to place his white cane in his collection bowl (literally a washing up bowl, which he used alongside semi soiled attire, for psychological purposes) to fend off thieves. Mr Campbell passed away in February, 2017.

Brno Biennale, Moravian Gallery, Brno, CZ. June — October, 2016.
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