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On Listening, Timing and Organising Sound
Extreme Everyday
Visiting Lecture Series

Posters designed for Visiting Lectures within the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Design, University of Greenwich, London, UK, 2019–20.

Utilising a system design approach with typographic led outcomes determined by the notion of thirding, a grid structure of 3/4 vs 1/4 in horizontal and vertical spatial unit division.

Such a method enabled emphasis of key information, such as a title or statement to take visual emphasis, over other didactic representative information, such as venue location, date and time, and other longer descriptive speaker annotation.

Both symmetric and asymmetric proportion is explored, alongside a range of typeface and kerning sets, through an open and porous approach to macro composition.
Organised by Elena Papadaki.

594 × 841 mm, B&W, CMYK on 120gsm blue back poster paper.

*Screen versions presented in RGB special colour equivalents.
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